2022 Horoscope for Pisces

Although all of the astrological zodiac signs faced a cosmic hit in one way or the other in past few years, Pisces were amongst the worst hit zodiac signs. The areas like career and kids were the ones consuming all your attention leaving your own self unattended. The transits were not so much apprehensive for you with lots of taboos in life but cheer up Pisceans! Distress was a thing of past and a whole new year full of hopes and happiness waits for you in 2022. The year 2022 is all about prosperity, abundance and good fortune. The Pisces people should embrace changes in life with warmth in the year 2022. There are chances of a shift in your work place. You may have to spend exorbitantly and the burden of new responsibilities may come on your shoulders. Career may give you much desired shifts that you have been waiting since long. You will apply wisdom before taking any important decisions. Your health regime demands discipline and alterations in terms of diet and exercise. Your love life may take troll but harmony would remain in your married life. Luckily for you, 2022 is going to be for the better. You'll find that of everything in the New Year. There would prevail a sense of relief, purpose, and most importantly, a plan for accomplishing it all. But what's bringing about all this auspiciousness in your lives? It's Jupiter, the most gigantic planet in our solar system, whose presence will magnify all good things in your life. Jupiter is a planet of opportunities and expansion. It promotes intellect and wisdom which will benefit the natives in great extent through its transit in this year. The year may be marked as a year of abundance and achievements of your highest potential. The transit of four major and influential planets i.e. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu will cause major shifts in lives of almost everyone. However, the effects will depend on the houses of transits in a specific horoscope. Let's understand what's there in store for Pisces natives in the coming year:

Important Transits of Jupiter's in the year 2022

In the beginning of the year, Jupiter will remain in the twelfth house of the pisces zodiac. Jupiter in the twelfth house may increase your expenditures and Jupiter means expansion so, the expenses would be huge in amount. Alternatively you may also make some long term investments as well or buy immovable property. However, any kind of large expenditure that Jupiter has initiated would be beneficial in the long run. In the initial months of the year there may be gains through foreign relations or business. Those who wish to settle abroad would also get suitable conditions for the same. However, Jupiter in twelfth also gives health troubles which you are advised to take care of. Healthy lifestyle will keep you away from these health ailments. On 13th April 200, Jupiter will transit into its own sign Pisces in ascendant. This is the moment of accomplishment for most of the natives. Jupiter in its own sign in Kendra is the most auspicious position. Something big is expected certainly for the natives. It will give recognition, name- fame and status in the first house. Jupiter being the lagna and tenth lord is already auspicious and its placement in lagna itself will further enhance its auspiciousness. Natives will get power, prosperity and all around progress during this phase. Jupiter is benevolent in nature and when it is well placed it tend to give and give. So, here placed in lagna, Jupiter will do something beneficial for the society. The natives may get indulged in social services or may start a project for the merriment of the society at large. Of course, dasha and natal placements will also matter here. Jupiter will bless marital relations in the year 2022. Those awaiting marriage may get married and there would be harmony in marital relations. Daily business of the natives will flourish and they will maintain cordial relations with their business partners. Jupiter with its influence at the fifth house will improve wisdom and intellect of the natives. Students will be benefitted a lot and will perform extremely well academically. Love life will remain sweet and healthy with presence of mutual understanding. Those awaiting progeny may hear good news. Children would be a cause of happiness and pride during this duration. Gains through art, culture, entertainment, share market, sports, amusement, astrology, sadhna may be expected. The natives would find enhancements in religious and spiritual inclinations. You may expect father's growth and well being during this phase of the year i.e. after 13th April 2022. Those involved in export- import or travel business will be benefitted. The natives may also plan long distance trip for religious or other purpose. From 4june- 23 November- Jupiter will turn retrograde which may cause delays in every work, so, caution is needed. You are advised to plan your year accordingly. After that the things will become excellent again.

Important Transits of Saturn's in the year 2022

In the beginning of the year, Saturn will remain in the eleventh house in its own sign. Here in eleventh house, Saturn will bring benefits through friends and social network. You will be recognized for your hard work and discipline. On 29th April 2022, Saturn will move to the twelfth house of the zodiac. In twelfth house even Saturn promotes long term investments along with Jupiter for you. Long term investments or huge expenditures are certain for your zodiac this year. Foreign business will flourish and some may gains through foreign relations. Saturn is a strict disciplinarian and is called judge in the planetary cabinet. Saturn in twelfth may send those involved in illegal activities to jail as well. So, with Saturn in twelfth it is very important to keep our karmas on the right track. If you are involved in illegal tasks or hurting someone then Saturn will surely punish you for your wrong doings. Retrograde Saturn from 4june - 23 October may cause delays in your work decisions.

Important Transits of Rahu's in the year 2022


Education aspects

For Pisces students, the year would prove good for academics. They would focus and concentrate better in studies. Excessive stress may take down your productivity so you are advised to keep calm and focus on studies. Encouragement and motivation may give you great productivity. All your educational goals will be accomplished this year.

Career prospects

The year 2022 will be a great year for your career and business. The tenth lord in the first house gives abundant opportunities at the work place and major shifts for good are indicated in profession or business. Career this year may have a significant impact on every aspect of natives' lives. You may create a set up for your business abroad and alternatively you may find a job abroad or in some Multi-National Company. Work would be your prime preference this year which will bring you stability and status in life. The students preparing for IIT, Banking, and Medical will perform extremely well.

Financial aspects

Health needed to be taken care of with increased work load and stress at work. Significant changes in the life style are required to lead a healthy life. Nutritious diet and daily exercise has to be made an unavoidable part of life this year. Weight gain or sugar and thyroid may knock at the door, so devise a healthy plan to keep you away from such hassles within time. Those spending most of their time in front of the screen may get exposed to eye related diseases.

Health aspects

This year, the Aquarius natives may have some health-related problems because your zodiac lord Saturn will be in your twelfth house in the first half of the year, due to which some health-related problems may trouble you, there is a possibility that you will get headache, acidity or joint pains. Problems like pain and cold will keep bothering you, the time after April will be good from the point of view of health. Be careful about your mental health this year. Apart from this, adding some new and good habits such as good eating habits and doing exercise and yoga on daily basis can also prove to be better for your mental health this year.

Love Life

Love life this year will give you sweet memories and best of times. Those serious in their love life may take their relations to the next level by marrying their love partner. Your parents may give their consent to your relations as well. Some may reunite with their ex loving partner giving you memorable times. The married couples will share peace and harmony too. Marital bliss in life will remain at its best during 2022. However, little care is required in the mid months of the year as retrogression of the planets may create troubles in married life during this phase.

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